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Flight of the Bumblebee

A Picture from Edna

Some say that these bees should not be capable of flight, however … this bumblebee received his flying specs from the Master Engineer. As the old song says, … “farther along, we will know all about it.” For now, earthly engineers must continue to delve into the Master’s plans, and bit by bit human knowledge will be enriched.

The image, Flight of the Bumblebee, was originally uploaded by Edna Barney. It is posted here from Barneykin’s flickr account.

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Lyda Rosebud

It has been just a few weeks since I planted my eensy-tiny rose sprig that was shipped all the way from Oregon. See “My Thornbury Castle.”  It is barely one foot high now. I could hardly believe my eyes this morning when I examined it. There is actually a tiny bud forming.  How amazing, and it is really in the shade, too, under trees.

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