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The good news is that I didn’t download the new Apple MobileMe. Even Greta Van Susteran and her Technical Assistant cannot get it to work. I don’t have a Technical Assistant; it’s just me and my computer, so I would have even more frustration.

However, I WAS bamboozled into downloading the new DataCase App for my iPod Touch. It sounded like a great application – but it doesn’t work either. The specs at Apple say that DataCase works with any wireless enabled computer (Mac, PC, Linux), so I downloaded it. However after purchasing the software and watching the tutorial video, it seems to be only for XP PCs. Whatever is the case, it doesn’t work on my computer.  I have tried to find the DataCase App on my computer, but it is not there, other than in iTunes, where it seems to be only an icon.

Yes, I think I know the difference between “Windows Explorer” and “Internet Explorer.” I tried double-clicking on the “My Computer” thingy, which is just plain “Computer” in Vista. I also opened Windows Explorer with the Icon on the Vista pop-up window. Either way, I typed in the FTP URL shown on my Ipod’s DataCase, and then pressed enter. All I get is an error message: “An error occurred opening that page on the ftp server. Make sure you have permission to access that folder.” I was never using Internet Explorer, yet the FTP URL ends up on my computer under the icon for Internet Explorer.

When I have some time, I guess I will troubleshoot and see if it works on my old XP computer.

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