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My 2007 Reign

In April of 2001, I created my first web page in honor of the 100th anniversary of my father’s birth: “RICHARDSONs from Hounslow Heath.” The rest, as they say, is history. There are now thousands of my pages out there somewhere on the Internet. I have an “Internet empire”, which is best described as “out of control.” Here is some of what belongs to “Neddy” – whoever she may be, whilst she is out travelling, somewhere on that Highway 66:

  • 我的精采世界
  • Neddy’s Guest Room
  • Neddy in Bloggerland
  • Neddy’s Nook On The Net
  • Neddy’s Palaver
  • Neddy’s Blogspot Nook
  • The World of Barneykin
  • Neddy’s Kitchen Blog
  • Neddy’s Kitchen
  • Neddy’s Interesting Photos of 2007
  • Neddy’s Interesting Photographs of 2006
  • Neddy’s Flickr Profile
  • Neddy’s Picasa Albums
  • Blogging the Revolution
  • Blog Some Genealogy
  • Fairfax County Chapter DAR
  • Neddy’s Choice
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