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I think it is really cool that my telephone provider, Cox Communications, has begun sending my telephone voice mails to me in emails. When I first began receiving the emails telling me to click or download, I was afraid to do so, thinking they were some sort of malware. I finally investigated and opened one and found it to be wonderfully convenient.

When I play the message in my Internet Gmail account, it even opens up in its own dedicated Google audio player. If I play it on my computer it opens in iTunes, which is a bit of an inconvenience as I have to remember to delete it from iTunes. Then I am fearful of deleting my music by mistake. I haven’t figured how to get it to automatically open in Windows Media Player; I am just remembering to always play those voice messages from my Internet account.

I find it much more convenient to listen to my telephone voice mail this way, then having to dial in and listen. It is especially convenient when we are travelling as we don’t have to call home to listen to see if there are any messages for us. They show up on my laptop, and my iPod Touch – which of course I never travel without. They are my constant companions.

Thank you Cox Communications. Will wonders never cease on this Highway of Discovery – Route 66?


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