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Lexus 2007 GPS to Me – USE MAPQUEST!

This is one of those vanishing memories that I wish would vanish for good. Last December I was so excited to finally purchase a new car equiped with a navigation system like my son has on his Mercedes. I felt that I really needed a guidance system to help me wend my way along Route 66 and the other highways and byways of  my very congested metropolitan area. However, … it has been a big and costly disappointment. I find myself suffering GPS envy whenever I visit Costco and see the various portable navigation systems available for just a few hundred dollars. Those seem to be up-to-date and offer features that my system does not have and never will. If my GPS ever does get around to updating itself, I was told by the dealership that those updates would sell for about $600. Well, that is about double what a brand new portable GPS navigation package costs at Costco or WalMart.

The biggest disappointment has been with the guidance it gives me on the major highway leading from my home to the city. I get NO proper direction anywhere along that thoroughfare until I arrive at the banks of the Potomac River. At that point, the GPS system miraculously recovers itself and begins safe and proper guiding. If I program in a destination anywhere along that highway before reaching the Potomac – forget it. I’m on my own. It’s me and my map!

I explained this to the dealer’s service people in September and they said that they test drove it and found nothing unusual in the operation of the navigation system. This is a navigation system which directs its driver upon leaving the Springfield interchange onto Shirley Highway (I-395 North) to make sharp left turns, which if accomplished would take the Lexus vehicle across concrete barriers facing oncoming traffic travelling 60+ miles per hour. Very interesting to say the least.

Lexus 2007 GPS to Edna – GET A MAP!


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