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How to Twitter

We are in the middle of Hurricane Hannah and I hear on my deck a tiny wren twittering her little heart out. It reminds me to Twitter myself. I send a Twitter to my next door neighbor to thank him and his wife for the delicious warm cornbread slices they brought over this evening.

Do you Twitter? Do you know what Twitter is? Well … Twitter is difficult to describe. If you really want to see how it works, sign up for a “free” Twitter account at http://twitter.com.

Once you are signed in, go to http://twitter.com/ednabarney and click on “Follow” under my photograph, to start following me and my updates. If you get bored with following the Twitters of my “exciting” life, you can always click on that button again to un-follow. By starting out following just one person, you will see how the system works. Notice on the right hand side bar of my Twitter page there is a group of tiny images. Each one of those images represents a person who I am following. Click on any of them to see if you want to follow them too.

The next step to your Twittering adventure is to allow Twitter to go into your Contacts Folder and find any real friends you may have who are already Twittering. Then you choose whether or not to follow them too. When your email friends find that you are following them, they may choose to follow you in return. They may even send you a private message saying something like “Who the Hell are you, anyway?”

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