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I have discovered that I can both listen to audio books and read text books on my new Ipod Touch. I am quite amazed by it all. Today I spent some time trying to learn how it works.

I expected that I would be able to download audio books. I just had to learn how to do it. Since I am interested mainly in the classics I don’t need to buy anything from the Itunes store, thank goodness. The books that I like are free at librivox.org and other places. However, I was quite astonished at how easy these are to capture. Right now I am downloading “The Secret Garden.”

This is what I have learned so far. I go to librivox.org and find the audio book or whatever that I want on my Ipod. On the catalog page for that book, there is a link that reads “Subscribe in iTunes.” I click that link and from there it automatically downloads the entire book into the iTunes player on my computer. The first time I did this I was confused because I received only the first chapter. However, I did not know that after the first chapter downloads, you go to the “Podcasts” tab in iTunes where you see the title of the book with a little black triangle to the left of it. You must click that black arrow and the “GET” button to download the remaining chapters. It is quite easy, although I do have to double check and make sure that each chapter actually downloads.

Then you synch your Ipod to your Itunes on your computer. I am about to try that now that I have downloaded two audio books. Synching to the Ipod Touch is more than a bit confusing, but eventually I am able to get it to work. I hope it works this time, as here goes.

I will explain how to read text books in another post.

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