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Top of the Rock

A Picture from Edna

Here I am at the Top of the Rock – New York City. Amazingly, this is where my travels along Route 66 took me in late April. My most DARling friend Candace snapped this picture of me and, as I am wont to do, I had fun with some creativity of sorts.

There were seven of us Darling Dames who “Vamoosed” to New York City from Virginia. After crossing the river, we stopped in Bethesda to fetch a Marylander Darling Dame and her friend Joyce. Then it was northward for all nine of us, non-stop to New York City.

Oh what a time we had! Once we got settled into our rooms at the Hilton Garden Inn at Times Square, it was off to the Square to see the happenings. Our very first encounter there was, none other than “The Naked Cowboy.” What more could a gaggle of mature ladies ask for?

We supped at all of the famous eateries that we could possibly manage – Becco’s, Patsy’s, Sardis and the Dean & Deluca Rockefeller Center Café. We saw two Broadway plays, “Young Frankenstein” and “Legally Blond.” I loved “Legally Blond.” It was innocent, carefree and overflowing with delightful dance. My travelling companions were not as enamored of that musical as was I. They liked the more sophisticated “Young Frankenstein.” Of course, that is why I am Edna and they are NOT.

So here I was, on top of the world, – almost -, for a few short moments. How it was we managed to cram so much excitement and sisterly camaraderie into just two days, I could never explain. We passed one entire day travelling the Streets of New York on the top of a red double-decker tour bus. We debarked near to Ground Zero and strolled about. Finally, after two nights on Broadway, we “Vamoosed,” homeward bound, driven by the “Meanest Bus Driver in the World.” However, we did arrive back to Maryland and Virginia safely, and that is the most important thing that any bus driver can accomplish, miserably cantankerous though he be.

Continuing in the superlative vein, our trip was capably planned and coordinated by the World’s Greatest Tavel Consultant, Queen Bee Judith, and led by New York City’s Finest Tour Guide, Dame Mary of Maryland. Think of this – it was “some” of our own husbands who joyfully drove us to the bus stop. How thoughtful of them to see us all off, she wrote, tongue in cheek. 🙂

The image, Top of the Rock, was originally uploaded by barneykin. It is posted here from Barneykin’s flickr account.

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