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The Joy of Home Ownership

Today was a five trip to the mall day for poor Captain Cliff and me. The first trip Cliff went to Home Depot to replace a rubber gasket on the garbage disposal sink drain and and a new flush valve for the upstairs toilet. When he fixed the toilet, it ended up leaking, so he had to go back to Home Depot for another repair part. When that job was finished he tackled the kitchen sink gasket which required disassembling the garbage disposer. When he broke the garbage disposer in that process, he made trip number three to Home Depot to buy a brand new appliance.

Once the kitchen and bathroom were fixed it was time to tackle the computers. None of our four had been able to get onto the Internet for more than 24 hours. We were desperadoes. I had been spending hours troubleshooting, running virus scans, phoning the Internet Service Provider. I finally decided the modem was probably giving up the ghost but when I went buy a new one, the sales person I talked to suspected that my problem was not the modem, but was a virus. After all, we had networked four Windows computers together, and since they were not Macs, everyone knows we are vulnerable. So home I went without a new modem.

When I arrived home without toting a new modem, Cliff took off on the fifth mall trip of the day for Best Buy and a new modem, while I was running new virus scans. When he returned I had to phone our ISP, Cox Communications, for help with installing it. That’s when Cox Technical Support decided to send a ping to our old modem, and got it to working. They told us we didn’t need the new modem that we had purchased on the fifth Mall trip of the day.

We found ourselves back on the Internet, and all is right with the world. Now I am writing to tell the world of my exciting life and the blessings of being virus-free. Tomorrow is another day – at least a “one mall trip day” as we must return the unneeded modem to Best Buy.


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