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Whither Go My Words?

The Internet provides us the ability to craft our words into an art-form. We communicate by typing our language onto a screen; we click a button that sends our words into an infinite space. Whither goes our message? Who knows? Out there somewhere, or everywhere?

Communicate we must for combining this modern utility with our art we reveal our character. Our ancient ancestors did the very same with their utility of a natural marker, leaving for the ages a record of their thoughts on the walls of their cave homes.

And so it is with each and every blog post I make. I cast my words, my thoughts, into the ether. Are they communicative? Are they well-crafted words? Are they long-lasting? Are they powerful?

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From Burke Lake Park Ice Cream Parlor

FCPA and I have one thing in common: we are misunderstood. Or perhaps it is that we have trouble communicating with the English language. Apparently FCPA was attempting to say: “Why would you think you can have a ‘private’ Birthday Party in our Birthday Party area? We are public after all. If the entire county is not welcome at your Birthday Party, then you cannot have it here at our ‘public’ Birthday Party area. Understood?

Or perhaps their message was a different one than I have understood. Understand?

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