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I finally got my iPod Touch to update to the new software, but at what cost? It took more than 24 hours of troubleshooting. See “Wish I Knew.” I restored it at least three times. The fourth time that I set it to “Restore” it actually downloaded and installed the software update. It asked me if I wanted to treat it as a brand new iPod or to restore my backup settings. I chose to restore to my backup. However, what I now have in my hands is like a brand new iPod Touch – nothing on it. All of my photographs, contacts, favorite places, books, not to mention my music are gone. My iPod Touch now has the new software update installed, but it has nothing else.

Doesn’t make sense to me, but then I’m not an Apple. I’m just a stupid person running a Vista PC and I guess I deserve all the aggravation, according to Apple’s television commercials.

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I have been having many difficulties synching my new iPod Touch with iTunes. There seems to be little trouble synching my photographs, favorites and contacts which are located on my computer. But to get my files which are on Apple’s iTunes 7.0 synched to my iPod Touch usually takes about ten tries. I understood by reading forums that others were having similar problems and that Apple was coming out with a software update for the iPod Touch. Well, I guess today was the day … however the wait was not worth it.

I cannot get my iPod Touch to install the new update. I phoned Apple Support and they could not help me either. They told me to take it to an Apple Store. Someday, when I have a spare day to spare … I guess … Meanwhile, does anyone out there know what the error message – iTunes could not sync ^0 to the iPod “Edna’s iPod” because the iPod disconnected – means? This comes on only after I have waited and waited for the download, then the installation, and then the backing up of my files. About the time everything should FINALLY be finished, up pops the BIG RED X error message.

I have tried to install this update at least ten times, because of my prior experience with synching the iPod Touch. You can never get it to work on the first try. I have tried different troubleshooting recommendations. I have varied the usb ports from one side of my computer to the other. I have rebooted everything – the computer, iTunes and the iPod, over and over. I have reset the settings. I have restored the iPod. I have deleted files from iTunes, which is one of the troubleshooting recommendations. How many files must I delete? All of them?? What is there left to try?

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I have discovered that I can both listen to audio books and read text books on my new Ipod Touch. I am quite amazed by it all. Today I spent some time trying to learn how it works.

I expected that I would be able to download audio books. I just had to learn how to do it. Since I am interested mainly in the classics I don’t need to buy anything from the Itunes store, thank goodness. The books that I like are free at librivox.org and other places. However, I was quite astonished at how easy these are to capture. Right now I am downloading “The Secret Garden.”

This is what I have learned so far. I go to librivox.org and find the audio book or whatever that I want on my Ipod. On the catalog page for that book, there is a link that reads “Subscribe in iTunes.” I click that link and from there it automatically downloads the entire book into the iTunes player on my computer. The first time I did this I was confused because I received only the first chapter. However, I did not know that after the first chapter downloads, you go to the “Podcasts” tab in iTunes where you see the title of the book with a little black triangle to the left of it. You must click that black arrow and the “GET” button to download the remaining chapters. It is quite easy, although I do have to double check and make sure that each chapter actually downloads.

Then you synch your Ipod to your Itunes on your computer. I am about to try that now that I have downloaded two audio books. Synching to the Ipod Touch is more than a bit confusing, but eventually I am able to get it to work. I hope it works this time, as here goes.

I will explain how to read text books in another post.

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