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A Picture from Edna

My Christmas Gifts For You

I made this Christmas card using Picnik. My 2008 Christmas Card, was originally uploaded by barneykin. It is posted here from Barneykin’s FLICKR account.

Visit Neddy’s Archives for more of Edna’s writings.

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Neddy’s Palaver

I posted this at  AlphaInventions.com blog. I cannot understand how it works, but it does.

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How to Twitter

We are in the middle of Hurricane Hannah and I hear on my deck a tiny wren twittering her little heart out. It reminds me to Twitter myself. I send a Twitter to my next door neighbor to thank him and his wife for the delicious warm cornbread slices they brought over this evening.

Do you Twitter? Do you know what Twitter is? Well … Twitter is difficult to describe. If you really want to see how it works, sign up for a “free” Twitter account at http://twitter.com.

Once you are signed in, go to http://twitter.com/ednabarney and click on “Follow” under my photograph, to start following me and my updates. If you get bored with following the Twitters of my “exciting” life, you can always click on that button again to un-follow. By starting out following just one person, you will see how the system works. Notice on the right hand side bar of my Twitter page there is a group of tiny images. Each one of those images represents a person who I am following. Click on any of them to see if you want to follow them too.

The next step to your Twittering adventure is to allow Twitter to go into your Contacts Folder and find any real friends you may have who are already Twittering. Then you choose whether or not to follow them too. When your email friends find that you are following them, they may choose to follow you in return. They may even send you a private message saying something like “Who the Hell are you, anyway?”

My Twitter

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I have just discovered that Facebook does not allow PageOnce to access it. This is after I have just recently opened accounts at both sites. I have my entire Internet world on PageOnce — except for Facebook. Facebook has blocked PageOnce. I thought that Facebook was a “social” application? How sociable is it for Facebook to NOT allow me to include my Facebook account on my PageOnce page? The entire world is there, except for Facebook. Apparently, Facebook is not keeping up with technology, always a bad sign. Facebook seems to be already losing it. There has got to be a better social site.

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Reading Feeds

See my “FEED” button at the top right hand side? It is a bit difficult for a Granny to understand and keep track of, but it makes keeping up with the Internet a bit easier. It is like having your favorite magazine delivered to your house, instead of you having to go down to the drug store to buy it.


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It was fun while it lasted. I had a great time writing HTML for my web-pages. I started learning HTML in 2001, and wrote hundreds upon hundreds of pages, almost all by hand. See some of them HERE. I tried to keep them validated, which is not easy. Today, the powers of the WWW universe have announced a new language – HTML 5. I think the language was HTML 1.0 when I began my Internet writing adventure.

This new language is mind-boggling – a bit too much for a traveller along life’s Highway 66. I think I’ll try and learn French again. After looking at this (HTML 5), learning ‘la langue française’ will seem like a ‘piece of cake.’

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A Picture from Edna

I created this card with Flickr’s new “Edit Photo” feature. It is great and I am a living testament to it being “Granny-proof.” I have not been using the Flickr site for a long time, as I have been uploading my photographs to Picasa Web Albums. I just returned at Thanksgiving time, and today there was this wonderful new announcement of on-line photo editing from Flickr. It is something I have been wanting to try, as I have Adobe Photoshop Elements on my old laptop and it is so slow and cumbersome to use, I get frustrated. I tried this and it really works. I love it.

I have not yet tried to actually do photo editing as I was so excited to be able to create a frame and write text on the photograph, something that cannot be done with Picasa2, my usual photo editing software.  I suspect that the photo editing may be as good as Picasa2’s. I will try it the next time I have photos uploaded.

When you look at your photographs now at Flickr, you will see above them a new button on the right hand side that reads “Edit Photo.” The application or software that they are using is Picnik. Yes, it’s that easy – it’s a “picnik.” Kudos to Flickr!

The image, Merry Christmas Card, was originally uploaded by barneykin. It is posted here from Barneykin’s flickr account.

Visit Neddy’s Archives for more of Edna’s writings.

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What a transformed world we now inhabit. The Christmas baking days are upon us and there is no longer need for lugging out the old cookbooks and searching through them. Nor is it necessary to thumb through those dog-eared 3×5 cards nor snippets of paper. Good old Mrs. Claus has published all the cookie recipes known to the Christmas world and they are availble “free” with just a click or two.

 “All The Cookie Recipes in the Known World”

Of course, if there REALLY were a “Mrs. Claus”, she would send some of these already prepared cookies along with Mr. Claus when he makes his rounds on Christmas Eve. But she doesn’t. I suppose she saves them for her Santa to keep him in the shape that he’s in. Therefore, we must get baking. However, by using these Internet recipes, we will miss finding those special handwritten treasures all tucked away, such as I did this year: “Cousin Vi’s Fudge Recipe.”

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My 2007 Reign

In April of 2001, I created my first web page in honor of the 100th anniversary of my father’s birth: “RICHARDSONs from Hounslow Heath.” The rest, as they say, is history. There are now thousands of my pages out there somewhere on the Internet. I have an “Internet empire”, which is best described as “out of control.” Here is some of what belongs to “Neddy” – whoever she may be, whilst she is out travelling, somewhere on that Highway 66:

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  • Neddy’s Guest Room
  • Neddy in Bloggerland
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  • The World of Barneykin
  • Neddy’s Kitchen Blog
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  • Neddy’s Flickr Profile
  • Neddy’s Picasa Albums
  • Blogging the Revolution
  • Blog Some Genealogy
  • Fairfax County Chapter DAR
  • Neddy’s Choice
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