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Broken Cookies

Are all the broken cookies that are packaged in bags of cookies, provided for free because they are broken? Or is it that the broken cookies are actually charged for at a much higher rate than the whole ones? We always eat them first which means that the broken cookies must be the best, the superior, the most sought after of all the cookies. Why do we do this? It is not because they are calorie-free, as everyone knows that is merely a joke. I think it is because we are perfectionists and cannot bear to view the imperfect cookies. So we eat them as quickly as we can.


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A Picture from Edna

I often fly the United States Navy’s Union Jack flag at my front door, as after all, we are a Navy family. However, now I am wondering if the picture of the rattlesnake on that flag is attracting like minded poisonous serpents to come visit. Is it like the pineapple of hospitality for snakes?

We had a frightening visitor the other night which slithered under the wheels of my neighbor’s vehicle just as he was entering his garage. His final glimpse of the brightly reticulated serpent was of it scurrying onto our side lawn.

The next morning, after our mowing crew had run their wicked machinery on our lawn, we discovered the 2 to 2 1/2 foot creepy crawler dead as a door nail, stretched across the driveway.

I photographed it HERE, and it has been identified as a Southern Copperhead. My neighbor now tells me that over the years he has killed others of these varmints on his front lawn, but was told that they were harmless water snakes. Now I am reminded of a post I wrote a couple years ago about copperhead snakes. I think that we need to seek out the nests of these dreadful snakes wherever they are in our gardens, just like Zell Miller does:

“We were doing some work on my back porch back home, tearing out a section of old stacked rocks, when all of a sudden I uncovered a nest of copperhead snakes. I know the difference between those snakes that are harmless and those that will kill you. A copperhead will kill you. It could kill one of my dogs. It could kill one of my grandchildren. It could kill any one of my four great-grandchildren.

“And you know, when I discovered these copperheads, I didn’t call my wife Shirley for advice, like I do on most things. I didn’t go before the city council. I didn’t yell for help from my neighbors. I just took a hoe and knocked them in the head and killed them dead as a doorknob.

“’I guess you could call it a unilateral action,’ I said. ‘Or pre-emptive.’ Perhaps if you had been watching me, you could have even called it bellicose and reactive. I took their poisonous heads off because they were a threat to me. And they were a threat to my home and my family. They were a threat to all I hold dear.”

From Neddy’s Copperheads 

The image, U.S. Navy Flag, was originally uploaded by barneykin. It is posted here from Barneykin’s flickr account.

Visit Neddy’s Archives, for more of Edna’s writings.

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