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The whole idea of it makes me feel much OLDER. Having a thirteen-year-old grandchild cinches it; now I must certainly act like the senior adult that I am, or am supposed to be. I have to make better decisions about my life, and on my choices of things that really matter.  What am I saying? That is advice that would be better for my granddaughter, whose thirteenth birthday is today. Yes, once upon a time, a long while back, I turned from twelve to thirteen, and I remember it being a milestone of my life. Seemingly, all at once, I was expected to behave like a young lady, and no longer like a little girl.

I am sure that today my thirteen-year-old granddaughter feels much older than she did yesterday. She is now more responsible. She is a young lady and no longer a little girl, as I remember her. From this moment on she will need to ponder each and every decision that she makes. She will need to think about her choices of all the things that really matter, like friendships, family, life and God. Although it sounds burdensome, it is the way that life is for young women. Instead of thinking “what a burden,” young women think “what a joy to be a woman.”

I try and look back upon the days of my own childhood, but it is mostly forgotten. However, I remember a few fleeting moments of the arrival of my first grandchild, and of the joy she brought to her grandfather and me. When we first saw her, she was five months old, and we immediately carried her to Balboa for her first carousel ride. I remember her beautiful innocence at the age of three.  By age five, she was considered a princess by her mother and father. At age ten she was an accomplished athlete, and by eleven her many other skills and talents were delightfully manifest to her world. Those days of her life were like the gentle rains from heaven, with each raindrop falling slowly to earth. Then, much too quickly, the drops turned into rivulets and flowed away, down to the River of No Return, never to be seen again.  Those soft delicious raindrops exist now only in the memories of her loved ones who were with her then.

The gentle summer rain is over. Now we watch the morning sunrise, as it proclaims to the new  adult: “This is the day of your responsibility. From now until life’s end, you leave your footprints in the sands of time. Tread carefully. Bid adieu to those carefree days of frollicking in my warm sunshine. That was yesterday. Today you are grown up, and in control of your own destiny.” 

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A Picture from Edna

How to Goofyfy a Grandchild in One Easy Step: Go to http://www.picnik.com . Yes, it’s that easy. It’s a Picnik, with a “k.”

After making my “Merry Christmas Card” at Flickr, I did some further investigation and discovered that one can utilize the Picnik application entirely free at their own web site: http://www.picnik.com/. There is no need to go through Flickr. Flickr is just making it easy to do it with photographs that are already uploaded there. Actually this Picnik thing will get photos from other photo storage sites and also from your own computer.  

Someone at Flickr inquired after viewing my Christmas photos if I am ready for Christmas. Of course I’m not ready! I am enjoying the “readiness” of others. Such as today, instead of readying my own home for Christmas, I am headed to Mount Vernon, even though the weather today seems to be sleeting. I am curious to see how the Mount Vernon ladies have decorated my cousin George’s house for the holiday. I am only going because my friend Martha is doing the driving. 🙂

The image, What’s Up Kara?, was originally uploaded by barneykin. It is posted here from Barneykin’s flickr account.

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