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Below is a screen-shot of part of my PortableReading library at Facebook.

A Picture from Edna

I am very skeptical of most applications at Facebook. I have had some bad experiences with them. A music application I tried took over my computer and would not let me escape from its website. Just today, I tried one that a friend sent me, which resulted in a $9.95 charge on my cell phone – unbeknownst to me. So beware with most of them.

However, here is one, totally “FREE,” that I cannot say enough good things about. At Facebook the application is known as “PortableReading” however, its website calls itself “TextOnPhone,” which is somewhat confusing.  “TextOnPhone” is for iPhones and iPods which I have not had much success with on my iPod Touch. For iPod reading I use Stanza, as I have already blogged.

But … “PortableReading” works wonderfully on Facebook. Join Facebook for free, and then sign on for the “FREE” application “PortableReading.” Then you will have your own personal library at your fingertips. You can choose your free books, set the type, colors, and size, so that you can read on your computer screen without scrolling by just clicking the “next” button to go to the next page. I do not know if one can use this application without an Internet connection. I have not been able to do that on my iPod Touch, which is another reason I prefer Stanza for that.

Stanza does not have a Facebook application, so if you want to conveniently read “FREE” books on your computer, PortableReading works great. Give it a try.

The image, My Facebook Library, was originally uploaded by barneykin. It is posted here from Barneykin’s flickr account.

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Music at Facebook

How To Post Music at Facebook

I have been tinkering with posting music at Facebook. The following scheme seems to work nicely for MP3 files.

To get an MP3 file of your own music you must first upload it to your own FTP space. If you do not know how to do that, you can find an MP3 file already uploaded somewhere on the Internet with its own URL. To post a song, you must have an URL of the song. Here is a legal one to use from librivox.org of the Christian hymn “Nearer My God To Thee”. (Right-click on this link and choose “Copy Shortcut” and go to your Facebook account).

The next step is to paste the song’s MP3 URL, that you got when you clicked “Copy Shortcut,” under “Share Link” and then click “preview” on the Facebook screen, or “enter” on your keyboard. Next write something in the blank box, if you want, such as “Nearer My God To Thee.” Then click “Post.” VOILA! Automatically, you should see your song posted as an actual music box, with a music note graphic and play button. COOL, eh? This is a screenshot of my Facebook page where I posted “I Heard the Bells” from Jon Sayles website of free guitar music:

Facebook Music Box

Then your goal is to try and find another MP3 URL of music that you really like. Here is an entire collection of free MP3s from The Owen Family. You may find more legal Christmas MP3 files at librivox.org: http://librivox.org/christmas-carol-collection-2006/. Again, remember to right-click on the MP3 link and choose “copy shortcut.”

The easiest way I have found to post music at Facebook is to use my Twitter account and my Seeqpod account. I post the Seeqpod URL of a song to Twitter. I have Twitter set to automatically post to Facebook, so my song comes through as a link, which when clicked takes one to Seeqpod where the song plays.

You can also go to Seeqpod and get one of their links, under “embed.” These files at Seeqpod are not MP3 URLs. Here is one I already found for Yankee Doodle Dandy: http://www.seeqpod.com/search/?plid=7ba92255c5 . Copy and paste this link just as instructed above. Because it is not an MP3 URL, it will not make a music box, but be an ordinary link. You can add in the comments: “Click link for Yankee Doodle Dandy.”

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I have just discovered that Facebook does not allow PageOnce to access it. This is after I have just recently opened accounts at both sites. I have my entire Internet world on PageOnce — except for Facebook. Facebook has blocked PageOnce. I thought that Facebook was a “social” application? How sociable is it for Facebook to NOT allow me to include my Facebook account on my PageOnce page? The entire world is there, except for Facebook. Apparently, Facebook is not keeping up with technology, always a bad sign. Facebook seems to be already losing it. There has got to be a better social site.

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My Facebook

Journeying along the Highway 66, I’ve heard much clamor about this “Facebook” thingy. Well, not wanting to fall behind the rest of the civilized world, while I’m speeding along Route 66, I opened an account to discover it for myself. I was able to connect with a few friends and the wife of long lost cousin in England, however, I am finding that using Facebook is much more difficult than blogging, such as here at WordPress.com or at Blogger. Plus, I find the advertising distracting and much of it a bit distasteful. It’s nice to have no advertising here at WordPress.

While I’ve had no trouble at all getting my PODs from VODPOD posted here (see on the right), at Facebook it was quite different. Facebook has a VODPOD application, and after one jumps through all the hoops, it won’t display what one programs in. Very frustrating!

I am frustratingly FINISHED with trying to use Facebook’s VODPOD application. Apparently it only works if one has only ONE pod. I have seven and there was no way to get the pod I wanted to show. So, I created an entirely new VODPOD account with only one pod, uploaded my videos to it, and VODPOD at Facebook will still only show the unwanted POD from my “old” VODPOD account, even though I am signed into VODPOD with my new account and new password.

The POD at VODPOD that I wanted to share is already posted here at this blog on the right hand side. I tell you, I see no reason to bother with that Facebook thingy, if you already have a blog, unless you are seeking new Internet friends. Of course, I can only display one POD here at my “Vanishing Memories” blog, but at least I can specify which one to display, unlike at Facebook.

If you want to connect with me at Facebook, the link is here on the right too. If you would like to see my POD at VODPOD of Appalachian Music and Dance, here it is: http://neddy.vodpod.com/ .

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