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I think it is really cool that my telephone provider, Cox Communications, has begun sending my telephone voice mails to me in emails. When I first began receiving the emails telling me to click or download, I was afraid to do so, thinking they were some sort of malware. I finally investigated and opened one and found it to be wonderfully convenient.

When I play the message in my Internet Gmail account, it even opens up in its own dedicated Google audio player. If I play it on my computer it opens in iTunes, which is a bit of an inconvenience as I have to remember to delete it from iTunes. Then I am fearful of deleting my music by mistake. I haven’t figured how to get it to automatically open in Windows Media Player; I am just remembering to always play those voice messages from my Internet account.

I find it much more convenient to listen to my telephone voice mail this way, then having to dial in and listen. It is especially convenient when we are travelling as we don’t have to call home to listen to see if there are any messages for us. They show up on my laptop, and my iPod Touch – which of course I never travel without. They are my constant companions.

Thank you Cox Communications. Will wonders never cease on this Highway of Discovery – Route 66?

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SPAM No More

I was surprised to receive the following email from a correspondent:

Please stop all E-Mail for a time. … I will be on an extended trip. Please, no more E-Mail until at least 31 October. With all of the spam and junk mail my server may get overloaded and I won’t get your message anyway. Thanks for your consideration, …

People still get SPAMMED? I did not realize that SPAM mail continues to be such a problem. I use Gmail on the Internet and I use Windows Mail on my computer and I rarely see any SPAM.  I had read somewhere that the major email providers had conquered the SPAM problem with some sort of new technology, so I thought that was the reason I am now SPAM-free.  When I signed on with Cox.net some years ago, the SPAM mail was overwhelming. I no longer use Cox mail except for old accounts where I signed on using that. 

I have no idea where the SPAM goes in Windows Mail, as there is no SPAM folder. Rarely, something comes through that I consider junk, and mark it as such and it goes into a Junk Mail folder. Windows Mail downloads all of my mail from Gmail, Cox.net and my personal server into one program where I can read it at once.

Gmail does have a junk folder, but I have never found anything in it but pure SPAM. That is a good thing, because opening that folder is sickening, and I am always horrified to find that there are so many warped minds on the Internet. It is quite amazing the stuff that these terrible people believe that an elderly grandmother would find of interest.

I do not download my AOL mail, as I never use it anymore. Once every few months I go to AOL to check and see if anyone is still sending mail there. The problem with AOL is that their SPAM filters place good mail in them, so one has to check them. That is not necessary with Gmail.

In fact, the other day I was speaking with Apple.com and they sent me an email to my Gmail account. Apple told me to check my SPAM folder, saying that their emails usually end up in SPAM folders. I told them that I have never had any good and proper mail go into Gmail’s SPAM folder. Sure enough, the Apple email came right into Windows Mail from Gmail. Amazingly, neither Microsoft (creator of Windows Mail) nor Google (creator of Gmail) discriminated against Apple. I told Apple that it is because Gmail knows everything – they know that I have purchased a new Ipod, hence the reason I am getting “legitimate” email from Apple.

Some people may find that scary. But at least I don’t have to open my SPAM folder, which is what I find scary.

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