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Neddy’s Palaver

I posted this at  AlphaInventions.com blog. I cannot understand how it works, but it does.

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My Slow Blogging

Well, it seems that I am always ahead of the trend. I started this “slow-blogging” thingy back on 4 September 2007, my sixty-sixth birthday. And my blogging has only gotten slower and slower, ;). Now they are saying this is therapy, I see. But, … does anyone read it, other than me? Probably not, but then, who cares? Not me. It is my legacy to the world that never cared about me.

Down with fast food and fast blogs. Good Advice. Blogging At a Snail’s Pace.

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As I ponder the current writers’ strike, and said “professional” writers’ abandonment of their television gigs, I wonder if more and more readers will leave their TVs and come over to the Internet and read the “free” writings, photographs and videos of the bloggers.

Why blog?

Once one is a blogger, one knows exactly where one is. No other one can order the blogger about nor fire her. A blogger is her own mistress, and needs consult no one else nor mind what they say before publishing her blog. Things go on round about her world, but the blogger doesn’t fret about those things and writes only about what she finds of interest. If she finds nothing, then she goes on to other things, such as housework or shopping. There are no organized unions pestering nor ordering her about. She is a free writer and lives in an entirely different universe then does the professional writer.

There is really no security, peace nor tranquility, except when a writer is writing free. When her ideas out grow her blog and she wants to expand, why with a click of her mouse, she just begins another blog, — and there she is! If she begins to feel that her blog has gotten a bit too unwieldy for her to handle, she just stops writing for a while, and there she is once again! She needs no builders, no tradesmen, no craftsmen, no writers helping her, nor looking over her hunched shoulders, and above all she needs no UNIONS.

Take a look at professional writers of today. Their UNION said “jump” and they immediately had to respond “how high?” Where are they now? Marching their feet in picket lines instead of using their fingers to write. A few weeks of that and they will find themselves with heads barely above water while at the same time seeking smaller, less expensive lodgings where they will be inconveniently situated and horribly uncomfortable.

UNIONS certainly have their place for writers who desire to maintain a certain standard of living. But for writing free, which is my idea of writing, “there’s nothing like a BLOG.” It’s “BLOG Sweet BLOG” for me.

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