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What a transformed world we now inhabit. The Christmas baking days are upon us and there is no longer need for lugging out the old cookbooks and searching through them. Nor is it necessary to thumb through those dog-eared 3×5 cards nor snippets of paper. Good old Mrs. Claus has published all the cookie recipes known to the Christmas world and they are availble “free” with just a click or two.

 “All The Cookie Recipes in the Known World”

Of course, if there REALLY were a “Mrs. Claus”, she would send some of these already prepared cookies along with Mr. Claus when he makes his rounds on Christmas Eve. But she doesn’t. I suppose she saves them for her Santa to keep him in the shape that he’s in. Therefore, we must get baking. However, by using these Internet recipes, we will miss finding those special handwritten treasures all tucked away, such as I did this year: “Cousin Vi’s Fudge Recipe.”

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A Picture from Edna

I made my Brer Rabbit Cookies today and once I saw how they had come out all crinkled, I remembered where I had first discovered the recipe for them. It was from my long time Navy-wife friend Elaine Rypka. These were cookies that I first enjoyed at her house and I remember being quite intrigued with the appearance of their sugary crackles. It was Elaine who told me that the recipe was from the Brer Rabbit molasses bottle.

That is one of my long ago memories that had almost vanished, but it came back. There is also the memory of the beautiful wood baking racks that I have been using for thirty years. I have a set of three; the two small ones seen here and one large one. It is such a pleasure to place beautiful cookies such as these, or casserole dishes, onto these racks to cool. My long ago friend, Don Denault, made these for me as a gift, and I have not forgotten that either.

The image, Brer Rabbit Cookies, was originally uploaded by barneykin. It is posted here from Barneykin’s flickr account.

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