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A Picture from Edna

I am celebrating by playing with my new iPhone on this exciting New Year’s Eve of 2008. I even made my own docking station tonight.  See my iPhone dock above. I made it myself and was so proud until Katy Blue jumped onto my desk and knocked it over. CATS! ROTFL. 😉

I went down to the Apple Store yesterday to complain that my iPhone was not working. The Apple geeks (very sweet young women) told me that I was clicking too many things at once – causing the iPhone to freeze and crash. Oh yeah? Cliff says, “oh yeah, that’s exactly what she does all the time, with everything that doesn’t respond immediately.”

Anyway, they were so nice and helpful, and I was so relieved to be assured by a genuine Apple geek that my iPhone was not defective, that I went ahead and purchased the iPhone case she recommended. I think I like having the iPhone encased, as it is now. It’s a bit bigger, not as sleek, but it seems easier to handle and hold onto.

When she sold me the new white case she also tried convincing me to purchase the iPhone dock. I didn’t feel that I would need it. I already have three docks that I have been using for my iPod Touch – one Apple dock for my home theater, one Bose Sound Dock, and one iPod dock that came with my Cambridge Soundworks radio. She described how this iPhone dock sits next to the computer and charges and syncs the iPhone.

Well, once I came home I have been feeling the lack of not having an iPhone dock sitting next to my laptop. It is quite amazing. I have been using my computer to charge my iPod Touch without a dock for the past year, and never felt I was missing anything. Now I feel I must have a dock for my iPhone. The seed of want has been planted into my brain.

I spotted a little cardboard card box on my desk and then found an exacto knife to cut a slot for my iPhone to rest in. Now I know that I really do need that Apple iPhone dock. This makeshift contraption of recycled cardboard is not going to suffice for long, especially with marauding cats on the prowl. Next time I’m at the mall … Apple Store, here I come.

The image, My iPhone Dock, was originally uploaded by barneykin. It is posted here from Barneykin’s flickr account.

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The good news is that I didn’t download the new Apple MobileMe. Even Greta Van Susteran and her Technical Assistant cannot get it to work. I don’t have a Technical Assistant; it’s just me and my computer, so I would have even more frustration.

However, I WAS bamboozled into downloading the new DataCase App for my iPod Touch. It sounded like a great application – but it doesn’t work either. The specs at Apple say that DataCase works with any wireless enabled computer (Mac, PC, Linux), so I downloaded it. However after purchasing the software and watching the tutorial video, it seems to be only for XP PCs. Whatever is the case, it doesn’t work on my computer.  I have tried to find the DataCase App on my computer, but it is not there, other than in iTunes, where it seems to be only an icon.

Yes, I think I know the difference between “Windows Explorer” and “Internet Explorer.” I tried double-clicking on the “My Computer” thingy, which is just plain “Computer” in Vista. I also opened Windows Explorer with the Icon on the Vista pop-up window. Either way, I typed in the FTP URL shown on my Ipod’s DataCase, and then pressed enter. All I get is an error message: “An error occurred opening that page on the ftp server. Make sure you have permission to access that folder.” I was never using Internet Explorer, yet the FTP URL ends up on my computer under the icon for Internet Explorer.

When I have some time, I guess I will troubleshoot and see if it works on my old XP computer.

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I finally got my iPod Touch to update to the new software, but at what cost? It took more than 24 hours of troubleshooting. See “Wish I Knew.” I restored it at least three times. The fourth time that I set it to “Restore” it actually downloaded and installed the software update. It asked me if I wanted to treat it as a brand new iPod or to restore my backup settings. I chose to restore to my backup. However, what I now have in my hands is like a brand new iPod Touch – nothing on it. All of my photographs, contacts, favorite places, books, not to mention my music are gone. My iPod Touch now has the new software update installed, but it has nothing else.

Doesn’t make sense to me, but then I’m not an Apple. I’m just a stupid person running a Vista PC and I guess I deserve all the aggravation, according to Apple’s television commercials.

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