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OVER 10,000 Apple Apps and Counting!
Did you know, that in the first 142 days since Apple first started accepting new iPhone/iPod Touch Apps, there have been over 10,000 Apps added to the iTunes App Store?

My grandson told me that he has downloaded five pages of Apps onto his new iPod Touch. My Touch holds twice as much as his and I have only five Apps in toto: Facebook, Crazy Candle (came in handy for a candle-less birthday), Stanza (love it for reading ebooks), Twitterific and DataCase. Actually I have only four, as DataCase, the most expensive of all of them, didn’t work, so I deleted it.

So, thanks to Grandson’s enthusiasm, I went to the Apple Apps Store and downloaded many of the recommended ones at this link: “Top 15 iPhone Apps of 2008,” except for the games, plus a few others I found. Games bore me. I only downloaded the “FREE” Apps, as I know from experience that the Apps that charge oftentimes do not work, and there is little if any chance of getting a refund. Then I went to bed and before falling off to sleep I tried figuring out what I had done. Imagine this – I now have 160,000 recipes on my iPod, the complete works of Shakespeare plus some that scholars are not sure he wrote, Pandora radio, Urbanspoons restaurants, and two more lights, in case I need to see where I’m going at night. Now I need to find time to sync these to my new iPhone.

I am here to report that the favorite of all that I downloaded has got to be Pandora. It works perfectly. I now have my own custom made radio on this little device. It is like the old “Bluegrass Country” at WAMU has come back to life. WAMU kicked “Bluegrass Country” over to HD radio and the Internet, so they could have more “BORING, BORING” talk on WAMU. I’ve not listened to them since. Who needs them anyway? I’ve got an iPod Touch with all my favorite music on it. But I do miss Ray Davis.

The Shakespeare App is incredible, except it is not easy to read. I am used to reading books on my iPod Touch with STANZA, and I feel certain that I can download Shakespeare’s plays from STANZA for reading. But this Shakespeare App is nice for impressing my friends with my “new found” erudition. See, I carry ALL of the Bard’s works in my purse. If there are any quotations that they cannot remember, I can find them all right here on my iPod.

One of the lights was really not worth the price – FREE. I am going to delete that as I cannot figure what it is suppose to do, except click off and on. I like the Flashlight, as it could come in handy at the theater or when trying to find something at the bottom of my black bag (my purse). I’ve not tried the WordPress App yet.

Most of these Apps need WiFI to work, which in the past would have been a problem for me, as the iPod Touch is not always connected. That is probably why I had not downloaded so many Apps to it. Like the Google Maps are great, but I don’t usually need them at home where I have computers and Internet. I need them when I’m away from home – like on the streets of DC where they don’t work on the iPod Touch. Now my iPod Touch stays home and I go abroad with my new iPhone, where I will always be 100% connected to the real world – the Internet.

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The good news is that I didn’t download the new Apple MobileMe. Even Greta Van Susteran and her Technical Assistant cannot get it to work. I don’t have a Technical Assistant; it’s just me and my computer, so I would have even more frustration.

However, I WAS bamboozled into downloading the new DataCase App for my iPod Touch. It sounded like a great application – but it doesn’t work either. The specs at Apple say that DataCase works with any wireless enabled computer (Mac, PC, Linux), so I downloaded it. However after purchasing the software and watching the tutorial video, it seems to be only for XP PCs. Whatever is the case, it doesn’t work on my computer.  I have tried to find the DataCase App on my computer, but it is not there, other than in iTunes, where it seems to be only an icon.

Yes, I think I know the difference between “Windows Explorer” and “Internet Explorer.” I tried double-clicking on the “My Computer” thingy, which is just plain “Computer” in Vista. I also opened Windows Explorer with the Icon on the Vista pop-up window. Either way, I typed in the FTP URL shown on my Ipod’s DataCase, and then pressed enter. All I get is an error message: “An error occurred opening that page on the ftp server. Make sure you have permission to access that folder.” I was never using Internet Explorer, yet the FTP URL ends up on my computer under the icon for Internet Explorer.

When I have some time, I guess I will troubleshoot and see if it works on my old XP computer.

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